It’s too bad the Olympics only come every four years as the games always provide tremendous inspiration and motivation to the rest of the world. The Olympics in Beijing on right now will undoubtedly provide us with some very inspiring moments of achievement and hopefully inspire you to develop your skills as a leader this year.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be standing on the podium, representing your country receiving a medal? While that might be a fantasy now for most of us, why not take a page from the success manual of these young superstar’s and apply it to your own career.


What are you doing in your role right now that will have you stand out from the crowd and become the model others will want to follow? Have you settled for the status quo and condensed your dreams to match your current income?


Let’s have a little fun and complete the following exercise that could at least have you reach the podium, even receive the gold medal for your performance in the next four years. Are you ready? Let the training begin.


It all starts with your vision. Pick something you want to accomplish and play the movie with you as the lead actor. It’s okay to dream big as that’s where the magic begins. It’s only as we get older, we start to put limitations on what we think we can achieve. You must see yourself in the part and imagine the environment. Who are the people that are your supporting cast? Picture the location, where will you be living when the story plays out to completion. How will you feel, what is your disposition at the end of this full-length feature movie? Take a few minutes and write this down in a place where you won’t forget it and you can refer to it often.


After coaching smart, capable leaders for over 25 years we have come to learn about most aspects of their lives, health, happiness, and success, is that you have a choice in the outcome of everything. It’s about making the choice, it’s about the decision.


Are you making decisions that will lead to your definition of success? Would you hire yourself as the person to lead you to the success you desire? You choose everything that impacts and affects our lives. Remember this, it’s not what happens to us that’s important, it’s how we choose to respond to the circumstance.


Along the way your mental toughness will be called on as there always will be challenges, bumps along the way. Developing your mental toughness takes practice by putting yourself out there where you might try and fail. What did you learn from that experience and how will it inform your decisions going forward? The more you fail the better you get at rebounding. So, get good at taking chances.


Now that you have a vision of your future, now what is your current reality? Where are you in relation to this gold medal performance you are going to achieve 4 years from now? Don’t be intimidated or fearful if the gap between your vision and reality looks difficult, it’s supposed to. Do you think there are many athletes that reach the podium by a stroke of good fortune or are practice, persistence, and determination more likely the reason? Take the time now to plan this out and take some action steps, learn new skills and competencies. Even a rough plan is better that none. Evaluate and adjust along the way as needed.


It’s time to draw a line in the sand and start your quest today to be the best in your field. Don’t settle for good enough when great can be the next step. What one thing could you do this week that would alter your course, and have you start thinking like the winner you are?


Do you think there is anyone at the top of any game or sport that has done it on there own? Have a look at the superstars in sports and you will see an equally dedicated coach in their corner. By the way, asking for help is not a sign of weakness, it’s the first step in truly becoming world class at what you aspire to do and who you desire to become.


Maybe it’s time to hire a coach, take that course, read that book, or study someone that has gone before in your field. What’s holding you back from taking that step? One of the best things you can do is to tell someone of your new target of Gold in 2026 and ask them to check in with you to help keep you on track, to hold you accountable. Take that step.


See you on the podium next Olympics! Have we got a deal?


© article Copyright 2022 Success Biz Coach & Leadership Development Academy

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