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Emerging Leaders: In today’s hybrid workplace it’s important to stay engaged and inspired and challenging to support your emerging leaders with the tools and skill development so that they can thrive in their role. One way to do that is the courses offered through the Leadership Development Academy. We know employees expect learning technology to be engaging, self-directed, practical and easy to use and that is how our programs are designed. This is especially true of Millennial and Gen Z professionals, who will soon make up the majority of today’s workforce.

Business Leaders: Are you looking for solutions to issues in your company and don’t have the time or budget for valuable, yet pricier coaches and consultants?

Here is your solution: We offer self-directed programs created in modules so that you can get specific on the learning you need.

Once you have completed your course, if you want to speak with a Coach to assist with your game plan, that is an option as well.

Time Management

“Learn how to make the most of your time by delegating tasks, using a planner efficiently, optimizing workflows and more”

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Women and Leadership

“In this course you will empower yourself and explore your virtues as a potential leader”

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Successfully Managing Change

“This course covers how to manage and cope with change and how to help those around you, too”

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From Boss to Leader

“This one-day course will arm participants with what they need to know to transform from a boss to a great leader”

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Emotional Intelligence

“Develop your emotional intelligence in building relationships and connecting with others”

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Managing Difficult Conversations

“This course will give you an eight-step process for navigating difficult conversations”

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Getting Stuff Done:

“This Personal Development Boot Camp will give you a number of organizational tools and techniques to use”

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Leadership Skills For Supervisors

“Learn how to lead a team, develop skills in communication, coaching, and managing conflict, and more”

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The art of delegating effectively

“Explore the delegation process and gain the skills you need to start delegating effectively”

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Self Leadership

“Explore the four pillars of self-leadership: knowing who you are, knowing what you do, knowing what you need to learn, and using what you know”

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Six Sigma: Entering the Dojo

“This course will give you the skills to implement a Six Sigma improvement plan to your business”

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Managing the Virtual Workplace

“This course will teach managers and supervisors how to navigate the online workplace”

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